First time having your portrait done professionally? No problem!

Here are some tips to make your experience with Megan easy and pleasant.

1. Come prepared

Before you meet with Megan, it’s best to have an idea of what type of portrait you would like to create together. Perhaps it’s something you saw at a friend’s home, or an article, Pinterest image or fun blog post - we will want to talk with you in the studio or over the phone to help you prepare. If you are unsure of what you would like, you can trust us to use our imagination to create something you will adore.

2. How to dress

Megan’s best advice to to wear what you know looks good on you and even more important, makes you FEEL GREAT. Stay away from bright or contrasted patterns as they detract from the subject, which is YOU!

If you’re unsure of what to wear, think about what colors you would like to see on the wall in your home.

For babies, if you want shots of your little one without clothing, make sure he or she does NOT wear tight fittings socks before the sitting; they can make a pattern or dent in the skin*.

3. Makeup (if applicable)

Lipstick: choose a color that you are sure you are happy with and generally wear often.

Lip gloss: A little goes a LONG way, under lights it can shine very bright.*

Base & foundation: Be sure to use non-oil based makeup if you can; this will decrease shine from our lights. Choose a color that matches your neck and body, this will decrease uneven skin tones*.

4. Hair

Have your hair styled and ready to shoot before you arrive so that we can maximize our time together. Have your roots touched up before your shoot, it’s much more cost effective if you have them touched up* rather than paying an art charge to fix during editing of the images. Touched up hair looks much better than Photoshopped tweaks. :)

5. Nail Polish

Make sure your nail polish is even and not chipped. Check your kid's nails as well.

6. Kids

Avoid colored drinks or candy before the photo shoot.
Remove temporary tattoos with rubbing alcohol before you arrive.
Clean nails and remove any paint, magic marker, etc, with rubbing alcohol.