Maywood Estate


The greenhouse which is the first area you see when you enter the estate from the road (access the public gets to use). Olympus Dramatic Tones art filter really made this one special.



Starting to head up to the main house. View looking back towards the tiny greenhouse. ;) 


Patio at the main house. Notice the green "building" in the's coming up and is my favorite.


Main house.


Hard to see but on the right side of the pool, there were three small "pools", the larger middle one (which you can see) being a hot tub, and the left and right ones being for lilly pads. They had 2 for lily pads on the left side with a grassy patch and small obelisk.


I know. People live like this!


This is that green building I mentioned earlier. It was a very large room, impecabbly decorated. BEST PART? Those arched windows dropped down into the basement area so the entire room could be open air with a gentle blowing breeze going through anytime they want. They did drop them down while I was there, didn't take a second picture. But OMG, huge windows like that dropping down to the basement? He said they were on a weight & pully type system. Jeff and I used to have that type of window system (weight & pully, not drop into the basement) in our house in St. Paul, MN, which was built in 1911. Jeff got quite handy at replacing the ropes for those damn windows.


After I took this, I got asked not to take pictures of inside the buildings (no one had said anything when I first arrived). But this is inside that green room. Look at the furniture and decor! Fantastic.


Heading down the stone stairs from the green room.


Water feature on the side stairs down from the green room.


Just a small garden down below. Yeah. OMG it was amazing.


Better view of the garden. Fisheye lens, of course.


This is what the green room looks out at. The rolling Litchfield Hills in the distance. It must be spectacular in the fall and winter. And basically behind the horse's head, way down the hill, is that greenhouse I saw as I entered the estate.


Large obelisk behind the main house. You can just see the pool again to your right. Dramatic tones art filter.


This is the "front" if you can call it that. It looks so small. Again , the fisheye which distorts a bit. But really the house expanded on the backside which is what you just saw.


Up on the hill above the house is the tennis court.


And no estate would be complete without another building with a glass orchid room. Someone definitely lived above the garage, it was a pretty big house/apartment for someone, nice deck on the back.


Orchid room.


Orchid room.


This seemed to be a guest house that was tucked to the side/behind the green room. Separate from the main house but a stone walkway did connect it to the green room.


Heading back down to the barn / greenhouse. They had a wine tasting, wasn't going to miss that. ;) They grow their own grapes and apples for their wine and cider.

At this point I put on my macro lens for the rest of the visit. 3rd lens of the day. 



They had a lovely chicken coop where the chickens could go in/out freely into a caged outdoor area.




It was nice of the butterfly to choose a flower that matched him so well. xo  I didn't do anything to mess with any of these colors for the flowers, etc. Straight out of camera. Amazing.


I liked this one.


A tiny bit blurry. It was breezy, nothing much I can do about that.


This was in the greenhouse. Some kind of pepper meets lemon meet human fingers fruit. 


These were in the kitchen area off the greenhouse on my way out. Loved the colors.


Grasshopper "knee". If you must know, I did get the entire grasshopper, but his head was a tad blurry due to my depth of field setting on the lens. But his knee was fantastic and I think it makes for an interesting shot. I love how you can see the "hairs" on his leg. My 60mm macro lens is a work of art.


Just wanted to document the horror of me having to park in a field and walk in kind of tall grass. AKA tick hiding place. Bleh. But worth it!

Hope you enjoyed, Patti & Tiffany.